Daniel Baele


Purdue Univeristy
B.S. Computer Graphics Technology

3D Animation, Graphic Design, Film & Video Production

Fine Arts
I have been practicing fine arts much longer than any of my other artistic pursuits, with my first classes starting in my neighbor’s backyard when I was 6. My track has been diverse, allowing me to experience many different media for artistic expression. Throughout my life, I have always delved most into drawing, painting, and experimenting with new forms of art. I do what I can to continue my artwork, as it helps me continue to learn about the many different aspects of design that I am so passionate about. With every new piece I only strive to be better, so I can truly express myself and individuality through creative outlets.
3D Animation
Exploring relationships between spacial construction and perspective has always been a large part of my artistic learning experience, as the two play a large role in art and design. In the past 5 years, I have been lucky enough to begin a path in the realm of 3D animation, where I was able to continue developing my skills and interests in a new medium. I fell in love with all aspects of the pipeline from conceptual design, to modeling and texturing, lighting, character design, and rendering. From my experience I have started to create music videos and visual assets for live music performances, hoping to better my skills and showcase a unique live experience for my peers. I am always learning, and always looking for new projects to collaborate on!
2D Design
Before my days of 3D design I experimented with different aspects 2D design and animation, using more primitive programs like Macromedia Flash (yes, Macromedia), Microsoft Paint, and even Powerpoint for animations. Flash diversified my knowledge of animation, with the implementation of keyframes and simple motion graphics; I also learned a great deal about vector design while exploring the program. Lately I have utilized my 2D design in a more graphical way, switching between vector and raster designs for various jobs. Photo manipulation and editing is my strong suit, with vector design following close behind. I am currently working on developing a stronger sense of vector art in graphic design styles, and hope to continue to pursue 2D as a supplement to my 3D design endeavors.
Older still than my 2D design experience is that of my film experience. When I was around 8 I received a cheap toy camera with some editing software to accompany. My friends and I would spend hours outside running around filming various movie ideas or events that we enjoyed. With the software, we began to edit together short stories with lower-than-low budget special effects added in for extra fun. I even began to experiment with the camera’s stop motion animation settings, allowing myself to design worlds and characters in person that could come to life on screen. Since those early days, I have still continued to film many various things with my friends, with some equipment upgrades along the way. While attending Purdue, I was part of the school’s Film Minor Program, where I developed a stricter skillset involving cinematography. I continue to work on film as much as I can, and am continually developing material to be used for productions of all types.